1010 Ohio Pike · Suite C
Cincinnati, OH 45245
Office 513.891.8998 · Fax 513.752.4442

Services We Offer

  • Clean the subfloor void
  • Thoroughly clean the top of floor
  • Clean exterior and interior of equipment cabinets
  • Vacuum both sides of suspended ceiling tiles
  • Clean data center carpeting
  • Do an Airborne Particle count and report before and after service
  • Apply concrete sealant to subfloor area
  • Zinc Whisker abatement
  • Post construction cleanup
  • Cable harvesting
  • We are a distributor of ACL Staticide anti-static products
  • CEC is included in a number of companies disaster recovery programs
  • We can supply new or used access flooring, vent tiles, floor lifters, tacky mats and Cold-Lok products
  • Call us - we can help you with your problem

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1010 Ohio Pike, Suite C, Cincinnati, Ohio 45245
phone: 513.891.8998 fax: 513.752.4442