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Fire Suppression System

This page may save you money if you are unaware of these things

Most every Data Center has some type of fire suppression system since it was built. It is there, the company that installed it check it periodically and most everyone forgets it is there. That’s not good! Many new employees are not trained on what to do should the system go “active” due to actual smoke, someone using the “abort button” and so on. After a period of time people tend to forget what they were taught so a refresher course might be in order.

Every new employee who has access to the data center needs to be made aware of what the system does, why it is there and what to do should the system alarm go active. Each company will probably have a different policy as to what should or should not be done. However, everyone who works in or around the Data Center needs to know what to do and what not to do.

An example of this was a customer had an alarm go off while everyone was in a meeting outside the data center. Rather, all but one employee was in that meeting. That one was still in the room and did “abort” the sensor by holding in the abort button. However, no one came into the room within several minutes and the employee panicked, thinking there might be a fire elsewhere in the building and “he was the only one left inside”. He released the Abort button and, of course the system did what it was supposed to do - it dumped the protective gas and the company had an additional expense. There was no fire! PLEASE, MAKE SURE YOUR PEOPLE ARE TRAINED AND UNDERSTAND THE FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM. It may be worth it to have a refresher course periodically to remind people what they may have forgotten.

Another customer had “Abort Buttons” located on various support columns in their large data center and mentioned this to us as we walked through the room. I asked him how everyone knew where they were located since the equipment blocked the view of the abort buttons. No reply. I suggested the columns at each location be marked high enough up the column so as to be visible from anywhere in the room. This was done and the potential problem was solved.

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